What to do in a crisis?

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So me and my buddies managed to reach the swamp and got some resources and started to head back to our base in the Black Forest as we were getting attacked by blobs. We were actually trying to recover items from dying to them once.

As we successfully recovered them (or so we thought) and we started heading back (while being chased by Leeches, Draugrs and Blobs), it turned night and two Wraiths appeared out of nowhere and we got mobbed.

All of us died and respawned without our gear back at our base. As we head out to try and recover it once again, a log troll appeared behind our base. All of our fencing was wooden and the only thing not fenced in was our forge. We tried being as sneaky as possible, but he started destroying the forge.

I, being the host, immediately logged out. The last auto save happened before he started attacking. Is it possible that the damage gets reset when I login?

Also any tips for recovering our items, our boat was destroyed when we were in slightly shallow waters and near the swamp where we built a portal.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/qvp320/what_to_do_in_a_crisis/

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