What to do when playing with new ish players?

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Context: Casual dota player , account level 40, Crusader 2. I like playing pos 4/5 and can mid if it comes to it.

I enjoy dota and try not to get very competitive in unranked but for the past few days something has been annoying me.

I get queued with decently new players, the other team has new players too (based on account levels) everything seems balanced. The enemy team now has a Smurf skywrath mid who goes 18/0 , we lost 35-4.

Looking at the game I realize while I'm helping my carry and making stacks, pulling etc , my midlane drow goes wraith band into shadow blade and my dawnbreaker offlane doesn't have a full item except bracers at 18 mins.

We basically have no heros ready to even put up a fight , except maybe supports using their Ultimates in hopes that we probably do something.

I understand that there are a lot of things that went wrong and could be doneto prevent this but how does one deal with this kind of shitty loss mentally. I'd be fine if we lose 35-20 or something but just losing because my cores decide to not itemize correctly (aka maybe go a Pike instead of shadow blade )

How do you guys deal with rough games like this, I've had 4 games like this in a row and it honestly makes me not open dota.

How do you guys deal with rough games like this ?

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