What to do with an uncooperative team?

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I went from Legend 1 (3060 MMR) to below archon 5 (2920) in 2 weeks. I am not amazing in the game nor am I the type to blame the team but honestly it’s becoming exhausting with the throws. Some of these games I play poorly and I suck ass but Most of these games my team either refuses to cooperate or they severely throw and become cocky.

Example #1: me and my friend stack, he goes pos 4 I go 1. I choose jugg he choses sniper, immediately my pos 5 rages and goes troll then he says he will last hit if he wont get the offlane from my friend. We just ignore it and my friend plays in my lane. We dominate our lane and he severely feeds his. We lose.

Example #2: I just played a LS game. My offlane insta picked invoker and asks to play mid, the mid insults him and picks storm. We lost offlane because it was invo-shaman and we had no tanks against Medusa,SF. Not only that but our storm just goes afk on min 25 then let us all die. We lose the game.

I have so many of these and it happens more often than not. My behavior score is a consistent 9600-10,000 and this seems to mean shit. Its incredibly frustrating when you are genuinely putting your entire focus for almost an hour and these kind of stuff happen. More often than not we wipe the entire enemy team but my team refuses to take objectives or take incredibly dumb solo fights intentionally.

I switched regions: Europe East, Europe West, SEA, I switched roles, I played support, I played offlane, I played safe lane. Nothing seems to work out.

What do you guys do and how do you climb ranks like this? It feels like an incredible depressing loop and losing 1000 MMR in 2 weeks is not fun at all. Is there a system like CSGO’s face-it for dota or some discord communities who are semi serious to stack with you guys can recommend?

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