What was the point of adding more extracts to interchange if none of them are actually any good?

Inb4 you guys ask. yes i got onetapped by an emercon exit camper in the last 3 minutes. and im making this post because of it

but what exactly was the point of adding more extracts if they are all dogshit?

Saferoom. you gotta pay atleast 1 mill. and you can only use it 15 times.

hole in the fence. cant take any shit with you.

scav camp. seriously? we still doing this? who actually extracts with another scav/pmc?

The only viable option is power station. but that one is always gone.

I just dont see the point of putting in the work if none of these are actually worth using. i was hoping for at least multiple choices. but unless i bring a 1 million limited use key card or go without a backpack. i still have to go to emercon. yes you could say ''gIt gUd DUde JuSt KiLl hIm AnD lOok bEttter''

you can hardly spot someone who is using a vss and is sitting somewhere in the bush.

how do we fix this? Solution 1

add actual extracts that are worth using. there should be at least 1 other extract that you guaranteed have

Solution 2

make emercon less exposed. there is literally no way to sneak to the extract. you will always be left exposed and get 1 tapped. train exfil isnt as bad because you can atleast sneak by.

atleast reserve did it right. the bunker. everyone will know you want to extract. but at least you can approach it with knowing where people would be. once you are in the bunker. You aren't exposed from every direction and you know where the people will sit. toss a nade in. easy does it.

and as alternative extracts you can use the train. it will still give you a bit of a fight. but its the same as with the bunker. you arent exposed. you can go in the open or from white rook.

then we have scav lands. this extract will also never happen to you. and if you are really in a bad situation. you can go and drop your bp.

Whereas with interchange i got 2 options. Either die due to an exit camper or drop all my shit and extract

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