What was your best among us impostor win of all time? My best one shall be described below

first round. I was in O2 with my other impostor buddy and killed orange, purple walks in and reports it. I managed to get them to skip it but sadly my impostor teammate leaves.
second round. Purple is determined to get me voted out and it results in him getting voted out, red is sussing me out and there are a few people left, lime, white, black me and red and white and black were sticking together.

third round. My goal is to kill red so I sab lights instantly so no more meetings are called for now, so I manage to get red alone with me and I go like so. Kill red outside of lower engine, vent away into reactor, come back to the body and report it
lmao idk what I was doing but then I report the body. They list everything they've done and for now on they decide to skip though lime was sussing me out whilst black was sussing lime out so I devise a plan. Black thinks that the impostor will kill either him or lime.

fourth round. I have a plan: get lime and white together, I kill white and frame lime and black since he thinks it's lime will vote out lime. This plan subverts them but I needed to get lime and white alone walking together and I can swoop in for the kill. They call an emergency meet and discuss and again they skip.

Final round! Black and white's goal are to stick together. White instead goes with lime to fix lights and I kill white while lime was walking with white, I report the body a few seconds after as lime walks for a bit and turns around to see the dead body. I don't have to make much of a case at this point since black is mostly leaning towards lime as the impostor, I just say lime killed in front of me and I don't go too far with my case. Lime makes a good point but by now it's too little too late, at the end of the day he votes out lime and I have secured my victory.

Conclusion: this shouldn't have worked at all!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/lb4639/what_was_your_best_among_us_impostor_win_of_all/

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