What Weapon/Ship/Combo is Most Fun for You?

I want to take an unofficial poll of what people find to be the most FUN weapons/ships/weapon+ship combo. Please respond with:

  1. Most fun weapon
  2. Most fun ship to fly
  3. Favorite weapon+ship combo

I am not interested in "efficiency." Sure, gimballed beams and multicannons are crazy efficient for farming kills, but is it really fun?

For me personally, I absolutely love plasma accelerators. They are tough to use while you are learning, but they are an absolute blast (figuratively and literally) once you get the hang of them. Dumbfire rockets are also very satisfying when you land a hit. Put penetrator rounds on them, and they are damn effective at wrecking internals, too.

As for ships? I know the Corvette reigns supreme when it comes to quickly racking up kills in a CZ or RES, but I don't really find it fun to fly anymore. Again, for me personally, I absolutely love the FDL, Vulture, iCourier, and Viper MkIV.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qa0eql/what_weaponshipcombo_is_most_fun_for_you/

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