What would be on YOUR Odyssey Roadmap?

Basically title, what would you want to see from the next year of Odyssey?

Here's my trying-to-stay-realistic Roadmap:

  • bug fixes & optimization
  • console release
  • walking around Space Installations, Megaships, and Fleet Carriers – turn the various space installations that are all over the bubble into orbital settlements. Just like the planetary settlements, these will have their own Mission Givers, Authority Contact, guards, workers, various layouts, designs, loot tables, etc. But instead of the open planets, we are now in confined space stations. Stealth is more difficult, combat is focused on close combat. Create Odyssey-style missions for these installations. Turn on / off data. Assassination. Theft. Etc. We also get a concourse in our Fleet Carriers and in the Megaships.
  • The Multiplayer Update – full networking and multiplayer rework, but the stand-out feature is the new "VR Arcade" which is added to the various concourses throughout the game. At the VR Cafe, Commanders can go in a sign up for a match made multiplayer game of Elite's CQC mode (ship based dogfighting) and a new on-foot shooter version of CQC. Some planetary maps, some orbital installation maps. All of this contributes to your CQC rank and becomes a relevant career-path , instead of your CQC rank being completely irrelevant and untouched as it is now.

What about your ideas for the future?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ntwqln/what_would_be_on_your_odyssey_roadmap/

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