What would be the problem with this for creating more cards , faster for the growth of the game:

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  1. Community makes cards
  2. Devs get inspired, rework community cards and print official ones

Like , I don’t see how this isn’t anything other than an extremely effective way forward. Why do devs release so few cards after such heavy consideration and coming up with ideas for ages, when they could ask the community for ideas, and then design and balance community cards so much faster?

With guys like DrCorchit devs could probably copy paste his cards directly, most of them are just that cool. But most people have no idea how to balance, devs could at least use the ideas as inspiration

EMPHASIS: I am NOT SAYING the community should design cards, I’m saying the devs could ASK COMMUNITY FOR CARD IDEAS, AND USE THESE IDEAS AS INSPIRATION, and then design and balance fun new cards so much quicker

Balancing someone’s custom card is SO MUCH FASTER than coming up with card ideas on your own, Devs. Seriously. Coming up with your own ideas takes forever.

Am I unreasonable to think a card game could be so much more exciting with 15+ new cards per month, every month?

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