What would you have done?

I was in Customs as a SCAV (near the big red building) when I heard someone dropping scavs nearby. I ran carefully towards the fire, looking out for the PMC. I hadn't seen him yet, but another scav runs in front of me and gets shot as he crosses an open space by the semi-trailers.

Well he immediately started healing up while hiding behind the truck, so I popped up between the cab and the trailer and one shot the PMC in the head. Now, after that happens, the SCAV that was shot starts moving in toward the dead body too. At this point I know it's a player SCAV, but I obviously killed the PMC (while this scav was healing) so I thought I would loot and get out.

Lo and behold, the SCAV player took the opportunity to shoot me in the back of the head while I looted. I know it's always a possibility, and trusting people in this game is risky. My question is – would you have killed him as soon as you knew he was a player? Or would you have given him the benefit of the doubt as I did? What are your experiences with SCAV on SCAV violence?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/eepis3/what_would_you_have_done/

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