What would you think about the addition of bomb suits?

Theyd have to be even heavier and more cumbersome than the zabralo, but theyd also be relatively high grade armor. From my understanding of how they function, apart from the blast plates covering the torso, they are generally made from kevlar. The blast plates seem to do good enough of a job to stop some bullets but the kevlar parts not so much. It could also be made to cover the legs (leg coverage is already in the game files so its entirely possible) with low grade armor which could be useful against flesh rounds to the legs. Offering different levels of protection on different parts of the body thats covered by the same armor might not be as easy to implement since thats not how armors work in this game (right now) . And since we dont currently have the temperature functions in the game, i dont know how the insides of the suits being extremely warm would be implemented in the game.

Keep in mind my knowledge on how blast suits work irl come from a 8-9 articles. Im not a gun guy. I know that irl combat situations would never end up with someone using a bomb suit to stop bullets but they seem protective enough to be able to do the job and since the combat in tarkov is far from anything irl combat context wise, it seems plausible to me.

If anyone informed can shine some light on the realism of this, please dont shy away from telling me how wrong i am.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mmzbep/what_would_you_think_about_the_addition_of_bomb/

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