What’s make a meme deck good ?

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All of us do not share our definition of what is a meme deck.

  1. For some, meme decks are to meta deck the ying to their yang and anything that isn’t a meta deck in any tier or anti-meta is a meme deck with no in-between.

  2. For others, meme deck are a very precise category of decks with an exact but creative goal in mind which is rarely victory i.e. filling their entire board withElder Bear, for example.

  3. Lastly (for what I observed) there aren’t really meme decks per se, but decks that can be considered 'memey' by their way of doing things. i.e. putting a rather random card like The Musicians of Blaviken in an otherwise decent deck.

So, some decks are considered meme decks by everyone, generally the extreme cases like filling the entire board with cows, but the disagreements will start when some decks are just trash/farms/seasonal/etc and not meme decks for some but still meme decks for others.

In any case, what makes a good meme decks ?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/pdyrag/whats_make_a_meme_deck_good/

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