Whats the deal with the arbitrary FC limitations?

Got my FC after a bit of farming and was wondering, why are they so restricted regarding the regular activities youd do with your regular ship?

Lorewise I get that mankind still cant slap some Supercruise tech on FC due to their mass, but I was very disappointed when I realized you cant complete wing cargo delivery missions with your 25kt storage.

Been peeping the forums about the topic and all Ive noticed are a few forumdads calling everything OP and broken/unfair.

However, this is how I view it, a sidewinder with 4t of cargo shouldnt be able to compete with a 792t cutter since the cutter owner grinded a lot for it, we can apply the same to FCs, why should I be penalized for farming for a 'better ship?'

Bonus round: We should be able to target signal sources and settlements with FCs to zoom there and murder everything

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ukafe8/whats_the_deal_with_the_arbitrary_fc_limitations/

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