What’s the point of a “gift” if it ruins early wipe?

Seriously, all it's done is mess up wipe progression for at least the next few weeks and that's unfortunate since early wipe is a lot of fun.

Actually every single death I've had recently has been to BP from a sweatlord. Ever time. I mean I don't even wear armor at this point because I'll kill a scav fast enough that I won't need to take a round but BP will tear through anything that won't cost me an arm and a leg rn. Can't be buying level 5 armor when you gotta save 3.5mil for a better stash.

This "gift" doesn't actually hurt grinders and tryhards. The only justification for it I've seen is the idea that now a newbie can fight a sweatlord and that's silly. A newbie won't be able to control 7.62 recoil, much less do the other plethora of things needed to win that fight. They'll either flea it, vendor it, or lose it. Sweatlords -though at this point are relatively a small minority of players- on the other hand now have a supply of free high power ammo to further farm scav bosses+raiders and widen the early wipe item and xp gap.

I just don't understand why they'd do this. Hell, giving a few AK74s (edit to be clear) worth 50k and 1000 rounds of PS would have fit into the current wipe perfectly. New players get to practice automatic skills, experienced players get to have a platform to mod and use better ammo to fight upwards, and grinders can mod AKs to their hearts content and use the igolnik+BS ammo they're hoarding.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/klvqlm/whats_the_point_of_a_gift_if_it_ruins_early_wipe/

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