Whats the point of Flint, Bronze and Iron arrow?

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I've been trying to figure out where to use them/what would be reason to even make them?

Looking through all of the arrows only arrows which i think are worthy to make are Wooden, Needle and Fire/Frost.
Imo most other arrows aren't worthy to make example Iron arrows.. Iron is one of those resources which you need a lot in other things for example building stuff, crafting/upgrading gear or making a longship…
There is literally no reason to make iron arrows in that point of game and same thing with Silver and Bronze arrows.. Cost of making them is imo way too high compared to how many arrows you get and you can't pick up arrows back after you have fired them.. If you could be able to at least pick some of them up then i think there could be reason to use them/make them. Also the dmg difference isn't that huge compared to resource cost between wooden and Bronze/iron arrow.. Wooden arrow you need just 8 logs for 20 arrows but then everything else you need 8 logs + 2 feathers and then the main material for example Iron bar for 20 Iron arrow..
Then doing bosses with bow and arrows i feel like you only need wooden arrows for Eikthyr, fire arrows for Elder, Frost arrows for bonemass, Obsidian/needle for Moder and Frost arrows for Yagluth…
Imo Arrows should be rebalanced and also recourse costs for certain arrows should be reconsidered or amount of arrows you get should be higher then 20. Especially for Iron, Bronze and Silver arrows…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/qwhf92/whats_the_point_of_flint_bronze_and_iron_arrow/

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