What’s up with performance? It does not feel like 60 FPS.

Hi. I've heard it from one guy, he says his game runs around 90 on 140 Hz display and 2080Ti. And the point is – it doesn't feel responsive as other games at 90 FPS. He says it feels like micro-stutters.

And about me. Yesterday I played another FPS game on my 60 Hz screen. It feels a lot more responsive and "real" 60 FPS than EFT when it gives me the same framerate numbers.

It really doesn't FEEL responsive. I can't see as much of information on the screen as other games allow. I can't flick-shot, I can't notice people as good when I'm moving quickly.

I remember when I was playing BF3 on my super-low-end GPU at 720p and 30 FPS. Then I switched to normal GPU that allowed me to play on 1080p, highest settings at more than 60 FPS. And it felt super good, I had all the control and I was doing great at the game. Here I feel the same kind of transition from EFT to any other FPS game.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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