Whats Your Combat Loadout? (Mamba)

o7 CMDRs. For all you Mamba pilots out there, whats your combat build? PvE or PvP? I'll post a link to mine when I figure it out (First reddit post).

I mainly do PvE but I run 4 Frags (G5 overcharged- incendiary) and a Huge Multicannon (G5 overcharged – corrosive). Then I have a 5C Biweave (Thermal resistant – fast charge) and 6 Boosters (2 Thermal resist 4 resistance augmented) core internals are pretty standard so I wont get into those but I do run the reflective composite armor (G4 Lightweight – reflective plating). For optionals I run all hull reinforcemts and two module reinforcements. This build gives me over 55% resistance to all damage types for both shield and hull also 607 boost speed and 495 top speed. The best part about this build is I never need more then 1 pip in wepons. I do have prismatic but they are sooooo heavy. Its fun but I'm looking to change things up. Playing on Xbox if anyone was wondering.

I normally just scroll reddit but I figured I'd post something for once. I started playing elite this year, around February, and really fell in love with it. I came over after playing star wars squadrons and I loved the combat in that game. Little did I know that elite was already using the exact same pip system and has way better flight control mechanics IMO. So I was excited to try it out. I only realy do combat related stuff and only do exploration and trade as needed to unlock engineers. My progression went Sidewinder – Eagle – Imperial Eagle – Cobra – Courrier – Python – FDL – Mamba – Corvette. I have recently added both krait variants to my collection as well.

P.S. Sorry for all the bad grammer and typos everyone.

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