What’s your incentive to keep going?

Kind of lost mine a while ago, and it's only getting worse. I used to die, realize my mistake, and keep playing in the hopes that one day, I'd be better, and I'd be able to wipe lobbies. Not really the case anymore. I'm getting better, in fact, I'd say I'm pretty good at the game, I occasionally do really damn good, but even then, it's so disappointing. By the end of the fight, I'm just anticipating the bullshit that's no doubt about to fuck me over. I don't even get a good feeling when I extract anymore, because this game just isn't fun to me anymore, and I really don't know what to do.

I'm willing to keep playing, but I've slowly started playing worse and worse, simply because I've stopped caring. Instead of dying on labs to someone and thinking, "Damn that guy was good, but if I did "x" I could've gotten him", I instead just stare blankly at my screen, disappointed in the fact I literally got fucked. I just don't see an incentive to really care, especially because wipes real soon, so my progression really won't matter much in a few weeks. Any suggestion on how to keep going?

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