What’s your opinion on the “Hide” mechanic?

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Because I feel like it's becoming quite overbearing and many heroes kits can't adapt to the fact that heroes just aren't on the map for prolonged amounts of time. Maybe I'm just too old fashioned. I can accept it for heroes like Puck as it's based on the Faerie Dragon from WC3 so being phased out has always been a central part of its kit, but do carries like Jugger or Riki need the ability to be invincible and untargetable, disjointing and juking, reposining and dealing copious amounts of damage at the same time? and then there are the Void Spirits, PLs, Embers, there's imprisonment from OD..

I feel there's a tier of heroes that (ab)uses the hide mechanic and if a hero has it, it's immediately taken up a tier. and then there's a set of heroes that is victimized by that because your spells go obsolote the second Hide comes into play – think Ench (who is of course still a great pos5 but will never see core roles in the foreseeable future), Jakiro, Lich etc pp. maybe it's the same discussion as the mobility creep, but I find the increasing amount of hiding mechanic kits completely annoying to play around. am I crazy, am I just bad? please tell me.

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