When are we going to hear about new vehicles?

Elite Dangerous at it's heart is a game about flying space ships. Being about to walk around outside of vehicles is fun and all, and is a great option for new gameplay experiences, but I was kinda hoping the new content we were getting was going to include some more vehicles to play around with, there were a handful teased from a data dump, and it seems odd we haven't had a new vehicle in this game in a long time.

Some examples of stuff I'd like to see:

  • Panther Clipper
  • An Imperial Medium Ship
  • A Federal Small Ship
  • An Alliance Large ship to rival the Big 3
  • A pilotable Ship that has the option to launch/dock a small ship like a Sidewinder/Eagle/Hauler/Adder

  • Mining Utility Shuttle/Fighter

  • Cargo Hauling Utility Shuttle/Fighter

  • Exploration Utility Shuttle/Fighter

  • SLF with Missiles

  • SLF with Bombs/Mines for attacking ground targets

  • Maybe a SLF with configurable weapon/utility?

  • SRVs with Tracks (Tanks)

  • SRVs that Hover

  • SRVs that fit 2/3/4 players

More options for SLFs and SRVs would go a long way to improve Multicrew or Team Gameplay from a single ship and would love to see more options. Imagine if we had the ability to send 2 Prospecting SLFs while having a gunner on the mining lasers?

Also as a side note, we should be able to have multiple SLF blueprints installed in each slot and the SLF pilot can choose which one gets made to their preference. I'm thinking like 2 different combat types and a utility option would be great.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ph5jsu/when_are_we_going_to_hear_about_new_vehicles/

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