When I was a kid

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

I remember having an idea for a videogame. You'd be out in the wilderness, building a town, hunting wild animals. I though it would be really cool if you could cut down trees so they knock down other trees. I especially wanted a really detailed system for making buildings.

This was before survival games were common, but I thought it would be so cool.

When Minecraft came out and survival games exploded I thought my day had come. I loved them all, even some particularly buggy projects that never left alpha. I thought my dream game had come.

But I just started valhiem the other day, and boy was I wrong. So many of the details I'd wanted but hadn't seen before are here. The buildings are gorgeous, the mechanics are incredible (if you build a fire in a house without a chimney the smoke collects until you start suffocating and the fire goes out).

I'm not even out of the stone age and I'm already having a blast playing this game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/outhgf/when_i_was_a_kid/

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