When is a Overwatch report for Feeding considered Feeding?

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To what point can something be considered Feeding?

Something I’m curious about myself while doing an Overwatch report.

So we have the obvious case: Someone running down Mid and intentionally letting the enemy and towers kill them.

But what about the less obvious/extreme case? For example a Carry who keeps dying over and over in Lane. OBVIOUSLY IT DEPENDS. But let’s say in this particular situation the Carry keeps dying because he is playing recklessly, trading in an unfavorable match up and going to lane when he’s low when there’s 2 Nukers. Is that feeding? Or is that just the Carry playing bad and it’s not worthy of being Guilty?

But then what if the Carry proceeds to do it over and over and goes 0 3 before 10 minutes? Is that feeding? Or is that still considered as playing poorly and is still not worthy of being Guilty?

And what if it goes above that for example to 5 or 7? Is that feeding? Or is that playing poorly and is not worthy of being Guilty?

To what extent is it feeding? Or is feeding only when you run down mid or is not trying to fight back all with the intent of letting the enemy kill you?

But if so isn’t that just Griefing?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qil9na/when_is_a_overwatch_report_for_feeding_considered/

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