When is it ok to run away?

I'm new to tarkov, and in my week of playing I've improved in 1/3rds of combat, and in half of the general game areas. I have a question about combat though, and have a question about where it falls in with other skills.

From what I've seen there's three parts to combat: one, identifying danger before the engagement, two, putting rounds on target, and three, after combat assessment. From what I've seen, the third phase is the most deadly part, and depending on your playstyle, a free meal.

So, while I'm bad in general at combat, when is it ok to run away? The answers I tend to get are either A: "If you abandon us, you're no teammate of ours, there's no point in fighting if you're a pussy" or B: "Why would you run? Three people turning and shooting will kill the target quickly."

Talking about this with my friends who are clearly more courageous than I am always goes the same way, and the theory that "a fight you don't initiate is not worth fighting" seems to be rare. I'm curious if it's just my own lack of skill that's swaying my opinion, since I can't get rounds on target (especially in response), but I'm able to hold angles, wait, and listen.

What are your guy's opinion? If and when is it ok for you to run away? If you're caught by surprise, do you return fire immediately, or retreat and try to reengage? What's better in your own experience?

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