When to go from bots to PvP?

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I recently got back into playing and watching DotA after a huge break from playing. I used to play way back in 2013/14 but I just fell away from the game and lost internet entirely.

I've now picked the game back up and I can remember most of the old mechanics and I understand how to last hit properly and the various types of role in a match.

I have been playing co-op matches against unfair bots for the past couple of weeks and I can comfortably win those matches, finishing with a positive K/D and high assist numbers.

In the past few days I've hopped into unranked (I don't have ranked unlocked yet as I don't have the 100 hours play-time required on this account) and I've been absolutely stomped in all the games I've played.

I've fallen way behind in both levels and net worth and I struggle to get any pick offs or any real damage in before I die in team fights. I have played as a support mainly using Leshrac who I'm comfortable with but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Have I made the step from bots to PvP too soon?

TLDR: Can win unfair bot games easily but play badly and get stomped in unranked. Have I swapped to PvP too soon after picking up the game again?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/p4ihfu/when_to_go_from_bots_to_pvp/

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