Where are the best places to go afk to go to the bathroom IRL in raid?

Let's a get a recommended list! Let me know of your favorite(s)! Some of these are also good spots to dump (hehe) your buddy's gear!

Customs: dorms (lootless rooms, close the door, obv. this is riskier and depends), the statue with the toilet on the head potty room, power switch building by gas station, the beds by crack house, literally any bus you can get on, and go prone in (noisy going in and out though)

Woods: too many to name; seems like the easiest map to do this for; go prone in a low traffic area

Reserve: unused rooms in pawn buildings (but not the basements), bunker exit basement by all the food cages, (as long as no spawned scavs are going to be able to see you), underground food rooms of black bishop, unused rooms of queen (such as second floor), the CP fence room that overlooks sewer grate. Train cars by the train exit (be inside the car, where only going in the car can make someone see you). The crappy tank garage spawns on the west side of the map, but getting in and out is risky. God help you if you're by the knight buildings or in king which get completely looted by player scavs every raid, and I don't recommend any of the sniper towers even though you'd usually be safe

Factory: seriously, just extract. But the stupid useless room spawn by the dead guy with the open door is somewhere people almost never check. Every time I've spawned there and cowered like a baby when I hear a bunch of buff chads running nearby, they have never looked in here. You can also hide between the wall and the boxes in the room where you unlock the medical exit. There's also the "room" outside third floor office that's similar to the spot where you hide something near the extract, but you have to make noise to get in there. Same with the locker room on second floor; I'd only use it if desperate and you know no one is nearby. The hallway and wood-floored room by Gate 0, and the wooden room by Cellars are generally not trafficked either, but I wouldn't recommend them. A factory key is only 31,500 rubles on flea these days anyway

Shoreline: southwestern village, east side of the map by road to customs; anywhere else seems pretty risky. Deep inside power station, or in HEPI room if you have the key; basement showers of western part of resort; as big as this map is, I don't feel there are as many good spots as one could find in reserve or interchange

Interchange: prone in the grass where even a stashrunner wouldn't see you (don't do if you aren't well acquainted with stash spots, and don't do it by the rail exfil extract); in the tents across from the front of the mall where scavs sometimes spawn (must be out of sight of any potentially spawning scavs); many spots in the parking garage; in in-game bathrooms (NOT Burger Spot's) and storage closets, or even a few select stores with poor / no loot. Third floor has a lot of non-used stores; there's also the kitchen areas of some of the food places but you have go prone for those. Don't hide inside the mall if you don't know where the questing spots and looting spots are. Avoid the power station or anywhere even remotely by it. A few spots of the back of IDEA stock room; but not the same for OLI or Goshan

Labs: not really sure anyone should be running labs without doing a good bowel / bladder check, or that you are even qualified to be in labs if this happens to you; but some of the bathrooms are okay, or ducking behind a corner plant in a dark cubicle office if someone else already broke the glass to get in. The thing about labs is it's designed to have no dead zones, unlike the other maps that aren't Factory.

What do you guys think of this list?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qcbomm/where_are_the_best_places_to_go_afk_to_go_to_the/

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