Where to find GPUs nowadays.

So, with the whole dynamic loot “event,” I’ve found myself wondering where people are consistently finding GPUs, if that’s even possible anymore. It kind of sucks (this is my opinion by the way) that in the middle of the wipe before everybody could secure their 50 GPUs, they changed the loot system and the meta entirely.

I don’t think dynamic loot is a bad thing, I just would have preferred they did it near the end of the wipe when nobody really needs anything anymore and everybody is rich. Now however, I feel a little screwed. I need 26 GPUs and with the inflated market I’m even more keen on finding them myself.

Also this is a little off tangent but, there’s no way the Bitcoin farm is worth it anymore right? Before the patch it was a projected 56 days or something before profit? Unless you’re already done that number must have changed for the worse. Regardless, I don’t play everyday and I liked it when my Bitcoin farm could finance a decent kit when I needed one.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pjbbg0/where_to_find_gpus_nowadays/

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