Which card do you think is the most broken atm?

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Eist is OP but it doesn't hold a candle to Yrden. I don't think I can name any other card which can singlehandedly shut down entire deck archetypes (boost) all by itself. I'm not salty, thought of sharing this because yesterday I was playing double down with Assimilate, was having some fun with Cahir and in the final round, I went from 760+ points to 45 in one turn. My opponent was in the ~120 range, and the funny part is I knew it was coming because as I was boosting my units, he didn't seem to care one bit, he was casually playing his dwarves, and then BAM!! double Yrden, that's all she wrote. 😀

And I wouldn't have posted this if not for misterhabbla1's video that he released today. In the comment section, there are some good suggestions like limiting the number of units that Yrden can reset or giving him Adrenaline so that we're given some time to catch back up.

Edit: It seems that most of you don't read till the end, and if it sounded like I was complaining, then maybe my delivery is to blame. Sure Cahir is busted, nerf it down to smithereens, I don't care but just ask yourself, do you seriously think Cahir is same as Yrden?

Cahir needs protection first of all, it can be locked, it needs to be played at the beginning of the round in order to maximize the value. And you're saying after all the set up that I did to pull this insane combo off, like adding Yennefer boost all card + Next Deploy plays twice card + Letho + Defender combo on top of Assimilate and all the opponent needs is one single card to answer it. Yrden is a tech card but no other tech cards come even remotely close to its power level. Yeah both Cahir and Yrden are same, now that I think about it. Thanks for opening my third eye. And in case it isn't obvious, now I'M SALTY.

To all who say that Cahir is Reverse Yrden. First, change Cahir's ability to a deploy ability.

Deploy: Boost self by the total amount of boost on the opposite row.

Once this happens, then we can agree.

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