Which one do you think is stronger in late game, enigma or dark seer

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In the past I always think enigma as the strongest pos 3 in late game, but after playing a lot of dark seers games (one of them being a late game comeback against an enigma) I feel ds is as good at late game as enigma if not better. It is a lot easier to land a vacuum wall than a black hole, because vacuum has larger aoe (650 with talent compared to 420), longer cast range, and ds is easier to position himself due to surge. Wall of replica has the potential to deal a lot of damage, and so does normal punch. I have landed a few 4-5 men vacuum walls when I’m behind, but it’s almost impossible to get a 4-5 men black hole when I’m behind. And most importantly, vacuum has 30 second cool down and wall with talent has 70 second cool down, making ds a lot more flexible.

With that being said, enigma does have some advantages over ds. First of all enigma can just bkb black hole one man and burst him down with his teammates, and if he managed to do that to enemy carry without buyback in late game it almost instantly wins the game. Enigma with eidolon talent can threaten enemy buildings, which ds can’t do. And if miracle happens, enigma with aghs bkb refresher can single handedly wipe out enemy team.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/p0pouu/which_one_do_you_think_is_stronger_in_late_game/

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