Which type of player are you?

It seems to me like the player base in Escape From Tarkov is split. One side is coming from experiences like Stalker and the metro series, who basically want a stalker but a multiplayer, immersive experience. On the other side is players who are coming from battle royal games or competitive shooters, who basically want a CSGO or PUBG type of experience, but with progression and looting. I play alot of games from both sides, but I am on the immersive wanting side when it comes to Tarkov. I am curios to see how split is the community on this topic. I do see some complaints here whenever inertia is discussed, or when medical animations were added, so there does some to be a lot of voices from the pure pvp group of people. Personally, my perfect Tarkov would be a game where PVP is not bound to happen in every match, and encountering players is a lot more organic, rare, personal and unpredictable. Where would you like to tarkov to lean into? The more immersive PVP, or the "gamified" type of PVP experiences, like the PVP on factory.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qmjhig/which_type_of_player_are_you/

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