Who actually thought it was a good idea to change most scav spawns to the very beginning of the raid?

There’s a very, very small handful of options for a player at this point.

-hide in a bush for 35 minutes, reducing the availability for other people to scav on the same server, while waiting to loot/simply extract with a labs keycard (why again do these spawn on normal scavs..?)

-run straight to high traffic zones, blast a poor pmc with some god-tier magnum Buck, ruin his raid before he’s even opened his docs case

-try to fight the pmc I run into, since they’re all mobile at the start of the match, and get domed instantly due to shitter scav gear, wasting 15 minutes of my time.

I understand that the new scav-spawn changes were implemented to improve server load and etc, but there HAS to be a point where someone steps in and stop changes like this from happening. For the tens of thousands of new players that have joined our community in the last couple months due to the streams, this is gonna be hell. So good luck to all of you wiping for the first time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l2aoxg/who_actually_thought_it_was_a_good_idea_to_change/

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