Who could be the characters of the next part of the Price of Power Expansion? (Lorewise)

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About 10 days ago, I posted a discussion about how could the next 2/3 and 3/3 parts of the expansion could go. We saw what seemed a Skelligan cultist gutting a fish and an image of one of the ST 4p bronze doing magic stuff (probably a special card).

The recent leaks bring a new perspective to the subject. It seems that the next parts (August and October) will be direct continuation to the first part. Henceforth, we can expect NR, ST and NG mages, SK cultists, MO relicts and more SY Witch Hunting. However, who would be the characters of these cards?

At first, it is very probable that we get more spell special card. What could be those spells? The only one I can think would be the thing going with magical blue animals from ST (Francesca, Serpent Trap, Dol Blathanna mage)

As for the characters, besides doing second version of already existing card like Vilgefortz and the crones. Who could be the NEW characters?

For MO, there could be Fugas (the red sylvan you fight on bald mountain). The Black Beauty (she-who-knows in beast form). A special card could be an ear offering.

For ST, there could be Simlas. He is the father of Francesca. (You can read about him on her new reward tree).

For NR, Tissaia is a very popular character. She is the mentor of Yennefer.

For NG, I don’t know!

For SY, the Doppler Witch Hunter -ish (more of a eternal fire guy, btw) from the second book. Another famous witch hunter is Radovid. He does have a really cool quest line in a Novigrad in the Witcher 3 and we’re still missing his card.

For SK, Melusine would be an option even though she has a contract to her name for Geralt (generally a MO thing)

What do y’all think are still missing?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/o49yas/who_could_be_the_characters_of_the_next_part_of/

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