Who else is frustrated with Jaeger quests?

It's not even that they're difficult, it's just that they're really annoying. Especially ones, where you need to do anything in woods. Every other trader gives you quests, that you can more or less play around with, in terms of RNG, and minimize it to a certain degree. With Jaeger, especially the starting lineup, where you have to hunt down scavs on woods, it's not difficult, it's just hella random. You can spend 50 minutes running around woods, and not stumble upon a single scav, that's alive. It's my 4th wipe, and I've noticed, that me, as well as my friends, aren't doing these quests until we're level 25-30, simply because we have to, since some of the upgrades in hideout are locked behind his reputation. Now, it took me a whole week of playing the game, to do the "Kill scavs while unarmored" quest, since I did 1-3 runs at woods every day. I was not getting any, it's not fun, it's not hardcore, it's just plain dumb, and that's why most of the people, that I play with, don't even want to waste their time doing these. I have 2-4 hours to play tarkov each day, and I get it, you can't get everything in the game done with this amount of time, and I'm not aiming to, but, if I have to run around, literally doing nothing, not shooting, not looting, doing nothing, basically pressing shift+w for 30-40 minutes straight, it's getting very frustrating,especially since the map was expanded, and his rep rewards were nerfed. You get penalties to his rep by doing other quests as well. In one of the recent podcasts, Nikita said, that his vision of "hardcore" revolves around things punishing you for not learning on your mistakes, and this sits well with most people, that play this game, as far as I'm concerned, but Jaeger quests are not hardcore, the closest analogy I can come up with are dumb, grindy tasks in mobile games. They are not hard, they are not engaging, they don't give you any room for improvement, they are just designed to waste as much of your time as possible, and they don't feel like they belong in the game at all.

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