Who else would support Innersloth in making Among Us 2? Thusly raising quality of games via a paywall

Hello,Most of us will remember that Among Us was supposed to receive a sequel, Among Us 2, which was canceled in favor of updating the current game instead.

I was concerned for the future of the game as soon as I heard this announcement. It seemed even IS was unsure in their own decision and took a 'fuck it, we'll do it live' approach with their own game. They openly admitted this would be very difficult for their small team given the spaghetcode of Among Us.

Now that Among Us has reached astronomical levels of popularity, the tragedy of the commons has hit with full force. I haven't touched the game in months because the quality of the games is abysmal. I don't need to chew your ear off about that, I'm sure you're more than aware. 'Just join a Discord server' is a bandaid fix and not something anyone should be expected to do just to enjoy the game.

Among Us 2 could serve to

  • Make IS more money
  • A ~$15 entry fee would ward off young children/trolls – mobile must have a cost too but it could be lower. Currently mobile is free
  • Allow for more straight-forward development from scratch for the team

I know I would buy Among Us 2, what's your take on their decision to cancel AU2?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/km19ws/who_else_would_support_innersloth_in_making_among/

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