Who finds neutral items fun? Should 2nd rosh be so strong? Discussion from returning dota player.

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I haven't played dota for nearly a year and watching the recent major there are some changes I'm not a fan of.

So I really don't like neutral items for many reasons: RNG, doesn't feel earnt/not satisfying, adds even more complexity to the game that I feel is not needed (late game just feels like an absolute mess), makes heroes super powerful earlier (I like a more gradual trajectory in power), lastly they give heros the ability to be played in more ways ( which I dont think is a good thing since dota already has A LOT of flexibility/variance, now calculating different situations has just become so hard).

W.r.t to the second rosh, I really don't see why ags shard should drop too ( is agis cheese not enough) I cant remember the last game I watched where the team that gets 2nd rosh didnt win…

I wont go into in detail about all these points here since I want to hear other peoples general opinions. But to me it feels like dota had a bad spell (low player count) ( pre pandemic ) and to save it they added loads of casino rng and big power items, and the game just feels a bit messy.

Do you think valve will ever remove neutral items?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nsvt8j/who_finds_neutral_items_fun_should_2nd_rosh_be_so/

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