Why are authorities killing bunch of passengers because of one passenger?

This isn't a rant, I was not destroyed then came to complain. I just don't find it realistic.

It doesn't seem realistic to me that you would be destroyed, alongside other passengers because one of the passenger is a known criminal.

First, why would we even know if a passenger is a known criminal.

And even if we knew, would "space police" really kill 50 other passengers to kill one person?

Also, why would a controlling faction offer you to transport a "Criminal mastermind" and pay you when you take them sightseeing, but if they see you transporting them they will straight up kill you?

Simple change: Controlling faction doesn't offer you wanted passengers.

Complex change: System authority vessels force you to stop, if you don't stop they try to disable/destroy you. They make you wait 5 minutes or so until they bring in another ship that can board you. You fail all passenger missions you have because you agreed to transport a criminal.You lose 5 minutes, failing mission costs you some credits and reputation.

Ships are not cheap, authorities attacking every ship that has a criminal inside would bankrupt the faction. Imagine the riots if authorities destroyed a beluga full of passengers just to catch a criminal?

Edit: Also, if a ship scan can find a "Criminal mastermind" couldn't they just stop you before you undock?

Tourism would not be a thing in universe like this.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qup421/why_are_authorities_killing_bunch_of_passengers/

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