Why are different yaw and roll speeds still a thing in SuperCruise at all?

I quite get it in normal mode, the WWII dogfight flight model is definitely more fun in dogfights and of course, the original Elite. But why is it still there in super cruise? Makes no sense even with "lore-sense ™"…

Just for the SC interdictions, to make them harder to evade? Why, when we can still roll faster and SC interdictions are so much different from FA dogfights?

I guess it's just an artefact of the earliest Kickstarter from making one simple flight model for anything from SC to dogfights in normal space. Programmers made one fighter-y flight model and used it for everything else and it just stuck. Much easier to code, but quite a common problem of Kickstarter games. Any early design decisions due to low money and zero testing tend to stuck in the whole subsequent company code culture and it just keeps on going. Just look at any other quirks, UI and whatever.

But it still:

  1. doesn't make any sense, even from the point of any fictional ship lore/
  2. Doesn't make evading interdictions any more fun. Ships could still have nearly the same roll and yaw speed and still could be differentiated by how they evade, even if you either roll or yaw.
  3. looks stupid in any space game. Looks like a forgotten oversight when they had 20 employees and no testers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nxqvf1/why_are_different_yaw_and_roll_speeds_still_a/

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