Why are Mill decks a thing?

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Ok so, before this turns into another "everyone hates on Nilfgaard" thread, I want to make it absolutely clear that even though Nilfgaard has a lot of utilities that other factions can't deal with, "mill" decks are by FAR the most annoying, and they're very prevalent this season for some reason.

Mill decks have one ideology: I'm going to have fun by not letting you have fun.

Or rather: I'm not having any fun so you're not going to either.

Because let's face it, mill decks aren't fun to play. Period. There aren't any crazy good combos you can pull off, or any setup you can do for a big "domino" moment. It's just play your cards in basically any order to finish the ~10 cards remaining in your opponent's deck. The worst thing is, it all depends on RNG and whether you get your good cards in your first hand or not. Usually, this was solved by "tutors" or cards that allow you to play other cards that you weren't lucky enough to pull into your starting hand, but this "deck" makes it so your tutor cards are basically harming you. While still giving you that one card you want to play and that your opponent can't mill anymore, you're reducing the number of cards in your own deck, and by that, you're making your opponent's job easier.

Now, that's not to say you can't win against mill. In fact, I have won way more times against it than I have lost. But just the fact that this type of deck exists is so infuriating to me. It's just dumb luck; this deck has no right to be as prevalent as it is in the current meta.

Lockdown, double Kolgrim, quad Joachim, all of that, while very strong and sometimes annoying, come nowhere close to mill decks, making it possibly the only deck that I have sworn to never play.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this since no one else seemed to be annoyed by it but me. Let me know what you think, and please, let's be civil. This is just one of millions of video games out there

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