Why are people unwilling to communicate?

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It seems like DOTA players are surprisingly unwilling to communicate. It is undersandable why some would be opposed to it in FPS games in case they're lacking a microphone. With the gameplay moving at breakneck speeds one can hardly find a time window to commit to such an action. But in DOTA opportunities for conversations exist in abundancy and yet most players refuse to do so other than to insult and belittle others or discuss unrelated topics.

In the previous few matches that I took part in people displaying toxic behavior were willing to accuse others of their failures and refused to answer to counterarguments and explanations. Repeating same mistakes they continued to complain in greater volumes in hopes of solving said issues. In some cases this escalation led to the point of them refusing to keep playing. In other instances teammates improving and fixing aforementioned problems did not bring reconciliation or acknowledgement. In the last match of mine three individuals were calling out mistakes of their team but did not partake in any dialogue. Like three blind-deaf men they continued their angry verbal barrages until our eventual loss. The time before that a person decided to take on a role of a captain and led our team with admirable involvement. But as a toxic individual started sabotaging our gameplay our leader started a prolonged monologue about the fidelity of underminement. Unsuccessful, we forged on and even had some success in defeating our adversaries, which attracted our counterproductive teammate to join us during the final push. Alas, the efforts were repelled and after a prolonged stalemate we ended up losing.

Based on my experience I'd say that people are most willing to communicate if the game is going well and refuse to maintain constructive speech otherwise, degrading themselves to a mental state of a toddler throwing a fit. I may have improved as a gamer but in regards to communicating with others I still struggle to find the right words to bring the team around the supposedly shared goal of winning a match. Would you say that attempting to negotiate with a toxic individual is pointless and we should ignore their actions during the match?

P.S. how often do you display toxicity yourself? Do you find it problematic?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q2m8kn/why_are_people_unwilling_to_communicate/

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