Why are there so many low IQ scrubs okay with the braindead sensitivity changes?

Since 80% of “players” only play to collect gear and never fight its pretty obvious why this is never complained about.

Terrible servers/FPS and the game changes your mouse sensitivity constantly its sad most people are okay with these cringe boomer mechanics that do nothing but waste time every time you have to change a loadout.

Anyone defending the game changing your mouse sensitivity constantly is because they’re literal smoothbrains that only play to loot anyway pathetic.

Theres tons of other ways to emulate heavy armor besides the lazy dogshit sensitivity changes, this game deserves zero praise for the shooting aspect your character already auto controlls the recoil spray like a shitty mobile game.

Way too many 50+ year old mil sim boomers defending a literal time wasting pointless mechanic because they’re too ignorant lmao.

Also one sensitivity settings for all scopes lmao beyond lazy.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/s2ier2/why_are_there_so_many_low_iq_scrubs_okay_with_the/

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