Why are unranked games so toxic and frustrating?

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I'm an Archon player in the SEA server and almost only exclusively played ranked role queue. Recently I created a new account and had been playing some unranked games on the that account. I find that the environment in unranked is very toxic and frustrating. Besides having to contest last hits with your own teammate, I often meet players that just start throwing out words like 'dog', 'noob', 'tang ina mo' just because they killed a hero. I had never encountered such behavior in my ranked games.

I often read reddit posts that say unranked is more fun and less stressful than ranked. However, from my games I feel that ranked games are so much more fun. Every player has a clear objective in the game and work together towards a common goal. Even your enemies seem to be nicer people in ranked.

I also think that the toxic unranked environment is turning away new players. I myself don't feel like playing Dota after playing unranked because it just does not feel worth my time at all. I can't imagine how I'm going to clear the 100 hours on my new account so that I can play ranked on that account.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mu5cty/why_are_unranked_games_so_toxic_and_frustrating/

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