Why argue against taking action against cheaters?

I really want to understand the braindead logic of these counter arguments against doing anything against the cheater roach infestation

Argument #1) Battle-Eye is used on many other games and they have cheaters.

Alright dude, name any BE protected game that has Michael Jordan level hacks. Also, EFT is using the cheapest version of BE. It is up to the developer of a game to utilize BE to its full advantage.

Argument #2) There will be false positives (desync/bugs) if you try to track speedhackers etc.

This is the most moronic argument I have seen. Desync does not make you go faster, simple programming logic would just count the # of steps per second/meters and or have ways to detect terrain. There are plenty of ways to detect if a client is moving faster than normal at any given situation. You can easily code in ways to detect if the player is dead and if death is caused by explosions or gunshots (which is the main one which could cause any false positives incase your body glitches out and flys to the moon). Also, this whole desync thing sounds like hackers trying to prevent the anticheat from happening. Anyone knows that desync is the packets from server to the client and vice versa, this would have nothing to do with how fast you are moving as the server will always know this.

Argument #3) They will find a way to bypass it.
Yes, every game has hackers but no game has the rage hacks that EFT currently does. The last one that was this bad was Rust back in 2017 before easyanticheat popped off. Rust is also on unity.

So please enlighten me fellow anticheat gods, why use these baseless arguments that are essentially defending hackers/cheaters.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i80xmi/why_argue_against_taking_action_against_cheaters/

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