Why Banished is waaay more fun than Standard – change my mind

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Hey fellow Gwent players,

I'm a relative newb with only 80+ hours of Gwent played and neither willing to spend money on the game nor (because of the former) playing anything else than one faction at the moment, simply because I don't have scraps to spare.

For me as an ok Monster player (Rank 10 atm.) Nilfgaard and Northern Realms on ladder are always a pain in the *ss for me to play against because of their "draw/create an infinite number of copies of cards" or "completely mess up the Monster player's deck" mechanics.

And now, with the seasonal Banished mode, all of these sorrows are gone. Not only do matches take just about half of the time I usually spend on a ladder game but also noone can f*ck up my deck or abuse theirs. Also it's closer to the Gwent style of The Witcher 3 which makes me smile. I appreciate the idea of having a finite amount of cards with no redraws so you have to think extra hard how to build a smart deck.

That's all I got. Thank you for your time, and now I'm interested in your opinions.

Please discuss. 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/m4330a/why_banished_is_waaay_more_fun_than_standard/

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