Why cant I find any LEDX in the resort?

From what I've heard, the health resort is a good place to hit if you are looking for ledx, haven't found anything in about 10 raids of hitting the best rooms. When I say 10 raids, I mean I got to the room first and it hasn't been open before me. I got a couple of golden stars and Otholmascopes. But not a single ledx, Here is a list of the rooms I hit religiously and hit 10 times each (without it being looted before me):

West wing:

– 220

– 218

– 216

– 301

– 203

East wing:

– 226

– 310

– 328

– 306

– 313

– Key with tape

Not a single LEDX if hitting these rooms 10 times.

You can see my frustration. If there really was a nerf maybe ill just go hit ultra medical in interchange, a single room will beat all of these. Hard to believe, but it is what it is

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mrnjzo/why_cant_i_find_any_ledx_in_the_resort/

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