Why can’t there be IP bans and even government fines for cheating?

So was talking to my buddy tonight after both being naded instantly (the cheat where a grenade spawns on top of you) and was talking about cheating and how harmful it is to the game and community (I know fresh topic!)

So we was discussing at first an IP ban or even a no VPN client. Why aren't IP bans more frequent? Surely it would discourage let's say 50% of cheaters of ever cheating due to the risk of them being IP banned. I'm talking the cheaters who don't VPN, get cheats because "everyone else gets cheats", pestilys justification people (the people who come home from work and cheat) which are bs anyway.

And for the other method of VPN banning so the game could give you a pop up warning that if you are found on different server IPs too frequently you risk being banned. This then doesn't stop people playing on different locations and getting banned unnecessarily.

Now I imagine all those crying that a VPN tracker (if it exists) would ruin there lives because they use Nord for everything are the ones who cheat as like I said the pop up would give you a warning to turn it off.

Now the government fines I've always thought was interesting let's say £1,000 or dollars or euros etc for being caught cheating. Again it won't cause cheating to stop but it's a big enough deterant for most people to never consider cheating. This leaves a very small cheater population (you'll never get rid of cheating) but if you can mitigate or deter a good 75% of cheaters it's better than doing nothing!

Now is the only reason developers refuse to implement these types of features/better anti cheat because they are thinking of there pockets? I mean every cheater banned is another account bought so I can see why developers just don't put in strict restrictions.

What's people's thoughts on these because these cheaters have little to no deterrent other than a £30 price tag to buy the game again and in modern gaming it's all too easy to cheat.

I'm just a guy who would hate to see his favourite game die out because of more and more cheaters but would love a civilised discussion in the chat or explanations if I'm just being dumb and these options aren't fathomable and why

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qwc131/why_cant_there_be_ip_bans_and_even_government/

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