why cant we have a legitimate ban list instead of just a rotating 25 people i dont wana play with

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theres a player called " they call me doctor love" in every game he plays the wrong role hides in the jungle and takes farm from cores refuses to help in teamfights and just talks shit, ive already muted him but he literally throws every game. i feel like if enough people avoid you you should just be sent into a week time out, like i know sometimes its just because you had a bad game but i get set up with this person about every other week and lose every single game for the same reasons. hes not interested in learning not interested in getting better he just wants to play the game his way and its ruining the game for the 4 other players. hes not the only person but he does it every fucking match.

i honestly wish the game had a beginner thing like ff14 has that teaches you how to play your role and hero, cause honestly idk some heros and having a baseline of what im supposed to do would be great. and then if you get enough avoids you have to complete that before you can play again with real people. atleast then youd be unconsciously getting better and eventually if you keep getting put in from griefing it could keep track and just ban you from playing considering youre only interested in creating misery for other people. this person has a very high level account so theyre not just creating and making new ones maybe double the amount of hours before you can play ranked too idk. the amount of people seemingly consciously throwing is just too damn high

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