Why CDPR keep doing it with Triss?

Yennefer's Journey

WHy CDPR keep changing how Triss looks in gwent? I understand upgrade from witcher 2 to witcher 3, i thought it's like the final version for them, but here we are.

Triss: butterflies is known for look weird, avatars are bearable so far, Triss:telekinesis is the actually faithful version, which made me very happy.

But now this journey brings another version? And it looks nothing like any of the previous ones? I know she had some similar eyes scene in the game too, but everything else looks super different. How such things go through management? Do they not care about consistency at all? Or is it intentional shittin on a character? Because at this point Triss is the only character in gwent, that has 4 very different faces now, with other multy cards heroes looking same-ish.

I was going to buy the most expensive journey pack for this one, because Triss is the best character and stuff. But dude… just why… T_T

P.S. yes i made that pic in paint, coz it makes everything legit, you know.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/n0x209/why_cdpr_keep_doing_it_with_triss/

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