Why Customs is a badly designed map for Tarkov

On a tactical shooter like Tarkov, customs is way too linear. It constantly pushes you into the open and into choke points because the map is designed to do that, it doesn't give you any other options. In real life you would obviously jump fences to find a safer path to where you want to go, but in Tarkov, since you can't do that, the maps should be designed with options in mind.

Here's an example.


Say i'm starting at point 1, and I need to get to point 2 to extract. This should be the ideal path. You're able to avoid forcing yourself into the road by hopping the fences, and you don't need to run past tons of scav spawns either. It's very straight forward and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to do this.

However, you can't do this. Here's the ACTUAL safest way to make this route.


The biggest problem here is that it forces you right into the main road with no cover. Everybody can see you, and there is a high chance somebody will kill you because of that. Not only that, but you then have to run into the OTHER main road which can spawn scavs. This is your only option, you're forced into this linear path every single time because the map gives you no other options.

Here's another example.


Once again, start at 1 and run toward 2 to extract. This path should be an option. You're able to stick to the low ground and avoid the open road. However, here's the actual path you'll have to take:


Once again, the map forces you into the open. Your only options are to either run on the road almost guaranteeing your death, or running through the dorms which is a high traffic area because of the loot and scav boss.

Notice how the map constantly forces you to do the same thing. There aren't nearly enough shortcuts here, you're always taking the exact same path because you're forced to do so. In call of duty this would be fine, but in a tactical game striving to be realistic like Tarkov, it doesn't work at all. You shouldn't always be forced into the open like this, when realistically, you'd find another way because the main route is suicidal.

Customs should really be redesigned with this in mind. Add more options for people so they aren't forced into the same path every time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dxehe8/why_customs_is_a_badly_designed_map_for_tarkov/

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