Why do mobas like Dota 2 in general have such a toxic community?

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Lately just have had quite a few games, just unranked mind you, in wins and losses, teammates/enemies just having the worst attitudes imaginable.

Mind you I'm at like 3k hours of Dota 2 played, probably a similar amount in League, and maybe 1k hours in smite. The gameplay at its core has always been enjoyable, but teammates fuming+hearing them actually salivate as they scream at someone on my team, more often that than myself… like people that play these games just seem to be messed up. Tipping people when they make an obvious mistake, swearing over all chat…

It's hard to not let it get to you eventually, that's probably part of it to some extent. People that were abused turned into abusers almost, but I feel that isn't exactly the case. And sure fpses aren't too much better, but at least in those you aren't really stuck in 40+ minute matches on average.

Like this is one game where unranked is nice for me to chill after work, meanwhile so many people treat it as if they have a gun to their head/their life has no meaning if they don't win/their team doesn't play perfectly. Just a very odd sort of community.

What's weirder is this behavior is to be expected, even accepted. Like many times I feel like people saying **** you, you suck at x, is almost a term of endearment for the majority of the community at this point. Just an example, hard to really explain that feeling I guess.

My biggest thing that gets to me in this game though, is just people straight up telling me to pick this hero, how to play my hero+what my build order should be, critique every minute detail of my build if it isn't meta.. Like yes I know what BKB blocks and doesn't block. Don't complain about my lack of being able to hit a decent BH when the rest of you guys start horrible fights with no vision/dom't want to smoke or move together to clear out wards/reward/force the pos 4 enigma to buy the majority of sentries+dust when they have 2 heroes with invis and their support has a glimmer.

Anyways, maybe a bit of a rant but… curious on how you all feel about the current state of the dota 2 community.

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