Why do people destroy items?

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I dont understand why people destroy items, buy shadow amulet or grief the game in any way. More than that, i doubt overwatch is working, because even at 10k behaviour score, there is a chance you get a monkey in your team. Another thing i dont get are supports or offlaner who steal your farm, even at higher brackets. Its obvious that an underfarmed core means a lost game.

Comparing human behaviour in Dota and in real life, i come to the conclusion that either games like Dota attract the mental weak who cant handle situations like a loss or playing from behind or its the anonymity of the internet that makes poeple act like braindeads.

Im an average player, i enjoy playing different heroes more than spamming the same hero over and over again. That means i accept losing a match, but im trying to do my best till the throne is down.

Im a business owner, above 40. I guess thats the difference, its my job to lead and deal with failures, either mine or my employees mistakes. But at Dota i only meet players with the typical loser give up mentality. Worst thing is, these people tend to blame others for the loss and flame them for more than 40 minutes. Even if they suck balls themselves.

Why cant people commend each other after a loss and say things like "we tried man, gl next"?

Another thing i dont understand is the "dog" insult. I have a dog and it has more braincells than some of the dota players i met since 2013. Dogs are great animals and even the word "animal" is being used as an insult. Humans are the worst creatures ever, isnt it? Anyway, yesterday i had someone in the enemy team, who started to insult every european player. He did that for like 30 mins. I asked him if he tried to immigrate illegally and got caught at the border, or whatever his problem is. Maybe a 3rd world inhabitant, i dont know.

So to sum it up:

Racist comments about arabs, jews, europeans, whatever dont make any sense. It could be the prince of dubai whos playing, calling him a fkn poor muslim is somehow ridiculous.

Dogs are nice animals, animals are nice in general, humans are the biggest trash nature has to survive.

I know the playerbase is decreasing or at least floating around numbers Dota had in 2016. BUT, whoever destroys items or griefs the game or/and uses insults and racist comments plus the typical i do this and that to your mom insults, should be permabanned. No one needs these mental weak braindeads.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/owj7qh/why_do_people_destroy_items/

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