Why do people think that OG.Ana is not playing Dota on a regular basis for daily at least 5 hours?

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I feel like the majority of the community has this image of Ana as the guy who doesn't play dota for 6 months, then comes back with the same or better muscle memory, with the same or better game understanding and just beats the players that played the whole year for daily 10-15 hours.

Like wtf people… You don't sit next to the guy. You don't go to take a shit with him on the toilet.

He is an introvert who was raised on videogames, pc and the internet. Obviously, as we could see countless times he is the silent, not so social person who is in fact addicted to videogames, namely Dota.

At this point, it's almost extremely obvious that in the last few months he has played at least the half ammount of time as any other pro has played Dota.

Ana is a brutually strong player who has great talents, skill and work ethic.

But to assume that he is just this wonder human who can be absent from Dota and then just win TI and go back to his 6 month sleep is just plan ignorant.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mozfd2/why_do_people_think_that_ogana_is_not_playing/

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