Why do people think that the game is meant to be played by no lifers?

Im sorry but i just simply dont understand this statement alot of people put out

– Money

Money is very easy to get if you have flea market and know the values of certain items and you can pretty much make 700k-1mill every scav raid on customs (speaking from experience)

-Gear disparity

Flea market already unlocked at level 10 which you can easily achieve within 10 hours of playtime. It allows access to nearly all items and nearly all of which are purchasable with roubles. So the gear disparity really isnt big because 1 scav run pretty much pays for a run with a decked out m4, good ammo and level4-5 armor.


Quests are definitely a grueling experience and its best done if you dont have a life. But seeing as quests are not necessary and you have like 6-7 months to complete them i dont feel like it would be a valid argument to make.

-Skill disparity

The game is a brutal game with a steep learning curve, Its brutal and unforgiving, People complain that it doesnt have a tutorial but thats what the internet is for. And it also has an offline mode for you to learn the game (except for PVP) People who are gonna invest more time are gonna be better for sure. thats just how it goes.

Maybe i sound ignorant, but i dont see a reason to as why this game ''can only be played by no lifers''

If anyone is kind enough to school me on this subject i'd be happy to discuss.

Wanna know a game that is only playable by no lifers?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/n7xr9e/why_do_people_think_that_the_game_is_meant_to_be/

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